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Welcome to The Brownlow Lowdown!

I'm a long time AFL and West Coast Eagles fan and have been following the Brownlow since 1991 when the late and great Jim Stynes won the medal. I'm not at all sure why at the age of 9 I loved this boring night with a man reading out names and numbers for 2 hours, but it became an annual event on that Monday before the grand final. As I got older I discovered sports betting which goes hand in hand with Brownlow night and Vossy and Black were my gold mines back then. Not long after I decided to start polling my own votes after every round as a way of trying to stay ahead of the markets as well as the crazy notion that I also enjoyed it. Over time I have adjusted how I pick my 3, 2, 1's and feel I have a relatively good idea of how the umpires allocate their votes. I've had mild success over the years using my own Brownlow count and thought it was time I put it out there for the masses.

Over the next 23 rounds my weekly votes will be on display along with a weekly blog discussing each game and why I allocated the votes the way I did.

It's not perfect, it's not going to guarantee you big payouts, but it will give you something to follow when making your own decisions.

I hope you enjoy and I look forward to the ride!


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