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Round 3 Results

What a strange year indeed, Essendon vs Melbourne gets postponed due to a Bombers player contracting the COVID virus, Blues and Suns get wins, Crows and Freo winless, West Coast non-existent…who knows what else is around the corner…honestly I don’t know how we’re going to get to the end of this season, but while games are being played I’ll still look at Brownlow voting.  Value is starting to show in the betting markets now, check them out here, sign up here for latest Brownlow odds. Once again bolded players I think are a lock for the 3 votes. Tigers vs Hawks What a difference 1 week makes, if tipping was still a thing then we’d all have tipped the Tigers even without Dusty right?  After a dismal display from the Hawks last week, they had Jaeger O’Meara injected back into the midfield to help do some damage.  Wingard was amazing when he had the ball so I wouldn’t be surprised to see him with more than 1 vote for this game. 3          Isaac Smith 2          Jaeger O’Meara 1          Chad Wingard Giants vs Bulldogs I could repeat the above paragraph here in regards to the Bulldogs, GWS decided they were more interested in starting fights with Bontempelli than playing football and the results showed.  The Bulldogs midfield falling back in place. 3          Jack Macrae 2          Josh Dunkley 1          Harry Perryman Kangaroos vs Swans With complete transparency I didn’t get to see this game, so had to look at some highlights and stats to predict my votes (this has worked in the past).  It sounds like it was fairly uneventful game albeit closer than some other games on the weekend.  Even though Swans won, it sounded like Simpkin was amazing. 3          Jy Simpkin 2          Josh P. Kennedy 1          Isaac Heeney Pies vs Saints Just when Saints fans think things are back on track, Corona Collingwood comes along to rain of their parade.  The Saints ruck duo couldn’t stop Grundy, and it might be back to the drawing board for St Kilda. 3          Steele Sidebottom 2          Brodie Grundy 1          Brayden Maynard Cats vs Blues Wowee, whilst watching the Eagles dismal performance I glance at the scores for the other game and see Carlton dismantling Geelong!  Haflway through the 4th qtr I recheck the scores and see Carlton about to do what Carlton always do!  There would have been 1 or 2 Blues supporters close to clutching at their chests in the dying minutes of the game.  Congrats blues fans! 3          Patrick Cripps 2          Sam Docherty 1          Jack Martin Lions vs Eagles Eagles are in a world of hurt, playin in a hub on the other side of Australia and losing game after game.  Lions didn’t even play great, shows where the Eagles currently are in their mindset. 3          Lachie Neale 2          Hugh McCluggage 1          Nic Naitanui Suns vs Crows Usually rookies take a few years to reach that next level, Rowell looks to have done it in a handful of games in his first year, or he was just this good to begin with.  Suns enjoying a fortnight of back to back wins lead by the outright Rising Star favourite, but could a rookie take the Brownlow?!?  If it was going to happen, 2020 is the year. 3          Matthew Rowell 2          Touk Miller 1          Brandon Ellis Dockers vs Power A wet twilight game to finish off the round, it probably wasn’t ideal for Fremantle to work out their new game plan under the new coach in the Gold Coast hub, but the whole situation is not ideal.  Once again Fyfe and Walters tried hard, but that’s virtually impossible against a team of 22… 3          Travis Boak 2          Nathan Fyfe 1          Scott Lycett Value bets:  I’ll start looking at value bets at the end of each round now, sign up here for latest Brownlow odds.

Boak @ $17: Currently equal first with Lachie Neale on my count. Rowell @ $23:  Odd are probably a bit short now, but could be worth a small bet if Suns continue to win games, Rowell looks to be the on field leader already in that midfield. Wingard @ $251:  I wouldn’t usually place a bet on a guy like Wingard who can be amazing, but also can go missing, but it’s been a funny year so far and with him playing a bigger part in the midfield as well as kicking goals it’s not the worst bet you could place.

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