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Round 18 Results

That’s a wrap!  With the regular season over we can all sit back and enjoy the finals series to see who is crowned the COVID premiers, no Brownlow votes to track, no Supercoach teams to tinker with, it will be a welcome break!  All the leaderboards are now updated with my votes, make of them what you will.  My next blog will be what bets I put on this year most likely a few days out from vote night, you can avoid overall winner as Lachie Neale has it locked away.  I usually have a look at multi betting most team votes, it’s very hard to pick all the teams highest poller and it’s probably the market I’ve had the least success in, but it is also the most fun market trying to pick which players will lead their team votes.  In the last few years I have found myself moving towards the individual games and betting on the players who get the 3 votes, usually anything over $1.80 that I think is 99% I go for, occasionally you get some gems (in the past I’ve hit Shuey @ $8 and Goldstein @ $13 as the best I’ve found).  Good luck with whatever you lean to, I do this more out of enjoyment, but it’s always nice to come away in the green!  Latest odds can be found here. Eagles vs Roos 3          J. Simpkin 2          A. Gaff 1          L. Ryan Saints Giants 3          J. Steele 2          R. Marshall 1          S. Ross Bombers vs Demons 3          E. Langdon 2          C. Petracca 1          Z. Merrett Crows vs Tigers 3          D. Martin 2          S. Edwards 1          M. Crouch Lions vs Blues 3          L. Neale 2          S. Walsh 1          D. Rich Hawks vs Suns 3          T. Mitchell 2          J. Gunston 1          P. Puopolo Swans vs Cats 3          P. Dangerfield 2          L. Parker 1          S. Menegola Dockers vs Dogs 3          L. Hunter 2          T. Liberatore 1          N. Fyfe Pies vs Power 3          T. Rockliff 2          D. Houston 1          R. Gray

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