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Round 16 Results

We’re almost there people, 2 more rounds to go!  Neale gets back on the board here to gain a bit of breathing room, bookies seem to have the odds fairly right in my opinion with some guys floating higher on my count which may see some value in top 3, top 5 or top 10 betting.  I wouldn’t advise on betting against Lachie from here though, it’s going to be tough for him not to win it.  Here are my results for round 16, as always the latest odds can be found here. Roos vs Power Port carry on their winning ways with their 3 top midfielders sharing the votes, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Port taking the most total votes market. 3          T. Boak 2          T. Rockliff 1          O. Wines Saints vs Hawks 3          S. Ross 2          T. Mitchell 1          J. Steele Cats vs Bombers The Cats put on a dominant display, my 3, 2, 1 could be in another order if the umpires put some bias into their decisions, but I think Menegola has to get the 3. 3          Menegola 2          Hawkins 1          Dangerfield Dogs vs Eagles The safety of Optus Stadium is long gone and the Eagles mid’s are dropping like flies.  The dogs should sneak into the 8 from here on in. 3          J. Dunkley 2          J. Macrae 1          M. Bontempelli Demons vs Dockers One thing as certain as Christmas every year is Melbourne to fail when it matters, finals hinged on their last 2 weeks which they lost convincingly, watch them go on to win the next couple knowing it doesn’t mean anything.  Freo continue to use this year to instil some confidence around the blub with their youngsters getting better. 3          J. Viney 2          A. Cerra 1          M. Walters Crows vs Giants Another team in the Giants with a must win game lose to a resurging Crows group who have now won 2 on the trot.  Coaching seems simple when you put your senior midfielders back in the middle. 3          M. Crouch 2          R. Laird 1          B. Crouch Blues vs Swans If you told me that Walsh would have a better year than Cripps I wouldn’t have believed you, but here we are and Walsh has been quietly dominating for the Blues. 3          S. Walsh 2          J. Lloyd 1          P. Cripps Lions vs Suns Lions got back on track in this game and so did Neale, I feel Zorko was the best on ground, but with his contested possession numbers wouldn’t be surprised to see Neale take the 3. 3          D. Zorko 2          L. Neale 1          H. Greenwood

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