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2021 Round 6 Results Blog

Well this felt like a mediocre round of footy after being spoiled in the first 5 rounds, maybe everything’s starting to balance out, or it’s just because I had to watch a half of trash served up by West Coast (I turned it off at half-time and watched a terrible movie, but it was still better than sitting through another half of that). On to round 6 and the Brownlow votes, so far this season is much closer in polling than in recent years with someone a clear favourite at this early stage. Here are the votes for round 6 and latest odds can be found here.

GWS vs Western

I was pretty surprised when I saw that Leon Cameron had been the head coach of GWS for 8 years now, underachieving is an understatement and any head coach could only dream of a list the likes of what GWS has had in that period. Bulldogs are are one of the in form teams at the moment and the look like they have a lot of fun out there, a few key injuries in this one though. People continue to feed money into Bontempelli and Dunkley, but I’ll stick with my guy Macrae who does the job every year.

3 J. Macrae

2 A. Treloar

1 T. Liberatore

Geelong vs West Coast

Gross is an understatement of what West Coast served up here. It’s amazing how good and bad a team can look home and away respectively. Geelong had no issues here even with Dangerfield set to miss some time.

3 M. Duncan

2 C. Guthrie

1 G. Rohan

Gold Coast vs Sydney

Gold Coast knocked Sydney back down to earth in this one, it’s good to see one of the bottom clubs over the last decade get some success.

3 T. Miller

2 B. Kings

1 J.K. Kennedy

Carlton vs Brisbane

Brisbane looked to be in control for most of this game, but Carlton certainly didn’t wave the white flag at any stage and kept coming, led by Walsh in the middle and McKay forward. Lions got the job done, but Neales ankle injury looks to see him miss some time, ruling out last years Brownlow Medalist for 2021.

3 H. McCluggage

2 S. Walsh

1 H. McKay

Melbourne vs Richmond

Melbourne are still undefeated knocking off the AFL yardstick in the past 5 years. Led by the same old names, could a Demon sneak in and grab the Brownlow?

3 C. Petracca

2 C. Salem

1 C. Oliver

Fremantle vs North

Talk about winding back the clock, David Mundy has had back to back blinders most likely polling 6 votes in the last 2 rounds. For a player who was rested a lot last year in the forward line due to his age, Mundy has certainly defied the odds in the first part of the season.

3 D. Mundy

2 C. Sarong

1 N. Fyfe

Hawthorn vs Adelaide

This was a fun game to watch with both teams alternating leads throughout. Crows have now lost 2 games on the trot, making their hot start led by Tex a distant memory.

3 J. O.Meara

2 B. Keays

1 J. Koschitzke

Collingwood vs Essendon

The Pies have been in the news for all the wrong reasons and they backed it up with a loss. Further baffling was Buckley stating the jumper clashes caused his team's poor kicking. It seems accountability isn’t a word in the Collingwood dictionary. The Bombers were led by the D.H. brigade, Darcy Parish and Dyson Heppell.

3 D. Parish

2 D. Heppell

1 S. Sidebottom

Port vs St Kilda

Port continue on their winning ways and Saints have turned to mud since their brilliant comeback against West Coast.

3 K. Amon

2 O. Wines

1 D. Houston

My current top 11 at the end of round 6 is:

10 J. Macrae

10 C. Oliver

9 O. Wines

9 C. Petracca

8 M. Gawn

8 D. Mundy

7 T. Walker

7 D. Martin

7 C. Guthrie

7 A. Treloar

7 S. Walsh

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